Armaou Eleni

Inspired by the beauties of Greece and California, each piece of swimwear is uniquely designed by Eleni Armaos, a Greek native who is driven by her love for summer and her passion for fashion design and styling. BeachFlirt22 offers one pieces with indulging colours and unique cuts and bikinis with playful patterns and different cuts to fit different body types!

The brand is currently based in Mykonos, where Eleni first started designing her dream swimwear line. She named it Beach Flirt because according to her, every summer has its own flirt!

A true ocean lover, Eleni Armaos is one of the youngest business women in Greece that wants to make a statement in the world of fashion and project the beauties of her country in a worldwide audience. BeachFlirt22 is the official swimsuit sponsor of the Mrs.Globe beauty pageant. Eleni wants to help the empowerment of women and supports the work of the WIN foundation.

BeachFlirt22 promotes a FUN lifestyle, a SEXY attitude and the POWER of learning to LOVE yourself. Follow our social media accounts @beachflirt22 for images that will travel you to amazing places.

You can find our products in selected stores in Mykonos and in our e-shop at www.beachflirt22.com
BeachFlirt22 – Don’t ever settle with anything else than what you deserve

BeachFlirt 22 promotes a fun lifestyle, a sexy attitude and self-confidence.”